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Helping, professionals.

My mission is to give you Time.

Time to Reflect. Time to Balance. Time to Grow.


Helping professions: Occupations that provide health and education services to individuals and groups, including occupations in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, counseling, medicine, nursing, social work, physical and occupational therapy, teaching, and education. American Psychological Association (APA).

Throughout the pandemic, we have lived through a period of unprecedented change in our lives, and for some this has resulted in adopting new ways of living and thinking, new ways of working and new ways of communicating. My MSc research observed 'helping professionals' and their capacity for Harnessing, the ability to 'actively engage with distress as a means to facilitate goal pursuit' (Doorley et al., 2020). Time (to think & reflect), Flow experiences, Mindset, Hope & Connections with others were some of the key ingredients to cultivating Harnessing in my research.

I have personally lived through some of the challenges experienced by other helping professionals within education, the charity sector, the corporate sector and most recently the public sector. Navigating organisational restructures, supporting teams through ongoing change, supporting clients in crisis and all the while striving for self-preservation. That's why I started Kunaka Coaching, to serve helping professionals as an agent of change, for personal and professional development.

Services offered

1-1 Life Coaching

Move in the direction of freedom and clarity.


Create personal breakthroughs.


Stop feeling stuck.


Clarify your life's narrative.


Make your wellbeing and growth a priority.

1-1 Career Coaching

Early career professional planning your next steps.


Mid-career and seeking a change of direction.


Develop your private practice or consultancy.


Navigate organisational restructure, career transition or unemployment. 

1-1 Executive Coaching

Develop your leadership style and strengths.

Overcome imposter syndrome.

Support your team/s and their performance.

Positive Leadership.

Resilience and stress in high powered roles.


Career coaching for employees at risk of redundancy.

Team or group coaching on resilience, performance or managing through change.

Wellbeing Positive Psychology Interventions for teams and individuals.

How it works

How much?

- Fees are £75 per hour session for ALL 1-1 coaching (Life, Career & Executive).

- Fees for group coaching vary depending on the number of coachee's (Max. 10)

- Helping professionals in emergency and uniformed services eligible for a discounted fee (up to 50%).


Where & when?

- All coaching is offered virtually via MS Teams or Zoom. Coaching can be over the phone or face-to-face if this is the preference, for this a coachee must be available to meet in the South East (UK) including Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey or outer London.

- All coaching is delivered virtually unless negotiated otherwise.

The day, time, number and regularity of sessions will be agreed as part of contracting.

*Last updated May 2023*

Free stuff

If you're curious to learn or understand your values based strengths better, I invite you to complete the free VIA Character Strengths survey which is grounded in global research and evidence. After completing the survey, you will discover your 'signature' and 'lesser' strengths.

Here is my personal link:


On completion, I am also offering a FREE 30 minute discussion about how you can apply your 'signature strengths' in your personal and professional life if this interests you.

I have now allocated ALL 30 hours (3 x 5 sessions) of FREE coaching between Jan 2023 and December 2023. 

If you missed out on this offer but are interested, get in touch early for 2024!

I plan on delivering free virtual career, coaching and well-being webinars in the second half of 2023, if interested then keep an eye out for the dates! Open to requests for topics.

Get in touch for a free 30 minute discovery call. |  Tel: 07502 361165

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